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    • Montasser Smida Web & Software Developper 0 review
    • Graphic Design
    • PHP
    • Website hosting
    • website Management
    • Website testing


    I studied IT and Computer Networks and graduated in 2011 (License Applied). During my study, I obtained a wide range of technical skills (how to use techniques and tools for abstracting, modelling, problem-solving, designing and testing in the fields of information technology and computing, and be aware of the limitations involved), as well as the academic ones.

    Since my native language is French, my English knowledge improved very nicely, and most important, I obtained an extensive knowledge of object-oriented programming, relational databases, ICT, etc. 

    ——– Web development —————

    After graduation, I started to learn PHP and today, 5 years from then, I considered myself fluent, experienced programmer in PHP (using procedural, as well as OOP approach). 

    Nowadays, I work with MySql databases, JavaScript(unobtrusive), combining with jQuery library, and Ajax technologies, strictly following the W3C standards, as well as the SEO rules, implementing microformats, taking care of cross-browser compatibility and including other techniques, which can improve web sites accessibility and visibility.

    I love to start building projects from scratch, although following the customer needs is the primary goal and as such, websites can be built using CMS or framework on request. 

    ——– Competences ——————–

    ServerSide programming: PHP

    ScriptSide programming: JavaScript(jQuery), Ajax

    Relational Databases (DB2, Firebird, more experienced in MySql)

    Markup Languages: XML, X(HTML), HTML5

    Style sheet language: CSS2, CSS3

    Other: planning web sites, analysis and design, E-R modelling

    Spécialisations :PHP, MySql, analysis and design, E-R modelling, all the technologies mentioned above for efficient, consistent and well-formed web applications


    • Hourly Rate: 15.00TND/h
    • Rating:
    • Experience: 6 years
    • Projects worked: 0
    • Total earned: 0.00TND
    • Country: Tunisia